Physical Therapy

I am a qualified physical therapist for 19 years. I’m a member of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists ( MIAPT ).

I became a member of Coru in 2020 my Coru number is PT 034539.

Coru is Ireland’s multi professional health regulator responsible for regulating health and social care professionals.

Physical therapy involves treatment and management of pain and reduced movement by means of hands on treatment through massage, myofascial techniques, exercise and joint manipulation.

Physical Therapy treatment is recognised by the following medical insurers:

***Please check your health insurance plan***

Knee Pain

Knee pain is common as you get older and it can be a typical complaint with sports people. Knees are vital to movement, knee pain can stop you from playing sport and make it difficult to carry out simple activities eg. climbing stairs and walking.

There are many causes of knee pain from injuries of sprains, strains, ligament tears and cartilage tears to conditions of tendinitis, osteoarthritis and bursitis. Problems with hips & feet may cause knee alignment problems too. 

Depending on the cause of your knee pain there are ways to diagnose and treat it.

Sport Injuries

Sports Injuries are treated very often in this practice. Regardless of your sport at some point you will require the services and advice of a Physical Therapist.

In my practice women and men from various sporting backgrounds have been treated with a variety of sports injuries.  Many use pre and post event sports massage. I use the treatment best suited to the condition. There is good success rate in terms of recovery time and healing.

Advice is always given on injury prevention.

Neck Pain

“I’ve a pain in my neck. I suffer from headaches. It hurts to turn my head. I slept awkwardly. It feels so stiff and painful.” – Common complaints!

There is a high frequency of patient visits with neck pain from a stiff neck to a more complex neck and shoulder pain with associated symptoms of pins & needles and referred pain. 

Neck pain can be the result of tension and stress, bad posture, a fall, an accident, an anatomical cause, a sporting injury or a condition like osteoarthritis.

Neck pain can be a real “pain in the neck” by preventing you from turning your head to look around you and causing discomfort when you do simple tasks.

Treating Neck Pain

When someone presents with neck pain a full medical history and assessment takes place. Many questions asked during the assessment and tissue palpation of the cervical spine, help to find out more about the pain.

Massage and gentle exercises are given pending on the diagnosis to improve movement and recover strength and flexibility.

Neck pain can affect our daily lives so it’s important to find relief, treat the affected area and allow you to return to normal as soon as possible. 

Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain . It can vary from mild to so severe it affects your ability to move. Back pain can be felt as muscle aches, stabbing pain, pain that radiates down your leg, reduced range of motion and flexibility.

Back pain may also be felt as pain or weakness in other parts of the body including your leg, hip or sole of the foot. It can interrupt your daily routine and affect your quality of life. I provide a treatment plan based on patients needs and causes of the pain.

I provide deep tissue massage and dry needling to help with the pain relief while focusing on recovery through exercise rehabilitation and muscle strengthing. All treatment plans are individual to the persons needs and ability.