Dry Needling

What is Dry Needling?

It is a treatment used to eliminate trigger points (knots ) in a muscle. A sterile, thin filament needle is inserted into the tight muscle. Trigger points can be a source of pain and can commonly refer pain to a different area, they can cause tightness and reduced movement.

When the needle penetrates the knots in the muscle, it elicits a twitch response which indicates a release of the trigger point.

After the needle, the muscle has improved circulation, tissue remodelling and healing.

Does Dry Needling hurt? Is it painful?

No there is no need to feel nervous or afraid.

The initial entry of the needle into the skin has minimal discomfort. Once the needle reaches the muscle, the twitch sensation doesn’t last long (usually from 10-30 seconds). Some people feel sore from needling in a way that one would feel after a gym session. One may experience muscle / needle soreness after the treatment maybe for 24 hours but the long term results and benefits are worth it. People feel a great change in the tone of the affected muscle.

How long does it take for Dry Needling to work?

Every person experiences results differently. Some feel improved mobility and reduced pain immediately and within the first 24 hours. The area will feel relaxed and the person will feel looser. It may take a few sessions for a lasting positive response.